Who is Aziz?

Iranians are well known for their hospitality and, Aziz, is one of the kindest and most hospitable Iranian mothers. After the imposed war (Iraqi war) Aziz has been waiting for his son to return home from war and during all these years she didn’t left home; but she has been more in contact with people, in comparison with those who go out every day; because, she is kinder and more hospitable than others and her home has been and still is the place of gathering for guests, relatives, and neighbors every day and every hour. Each day before sunrise, she turns on her samovar (a traditional type of tea-maker) and goes on making tea for guests until the end of the day.

Everyone in the neighborhood is so kind and hospitable and they have learnt that from Aziz. So, neighbors decided to set up a hostel for Aziz near her house. This is the story of Aziz Hostel. This is how we began.