Tours and Events

Booked your cozy low-priced room? Enjoyed your meal? Well, that’s not all. We have some especial Tours and Events for our dear guests, according to what time of the year they are visiting Kashan city. You will feel the excellency of rose attar during the Kashan’s rose water annual event in the spring. You will go through the pomegranate gardens in autumn. You will walk on the hot sands of desert in the morning and you will touch the stars with your hands at night, during the desert walking tour. And you will also see many social, cultural, and religious events, as you visit Kashan city in different times of the year.

You will get familiar with a genuine, traditional, and religious Iranian family life style in Aziz Hostel. You will see what kinds of foods Iranian women cook.


Breakfast in Nature

Haj Mansur is one of Aziz’s neighbors and he owns a stockyard in the area. You can be guest of Haj Mansur at there and help yourself with fresh local milk and dairy for breakfast.